Adam D. Smith

Successful Entrepreneur & Fortune 100 Sales Leader

Adam Smith is a technology focused business consultant with experience in various industries. He has founded several businesses ranging from service, manufacturing, and application development. Adam has a reputation of being trusted. He will sign an NDA and comply with customer requirements. In his phone sessions he asks insightful questions and gathers information about each client, their ideas, and their business before delivering custom roadmaps and business plans. Adam draws from his background in Sales at a Fortune 100 company, market research, start-up experience, and network of industry leaders to help navigate each client’s unique scenarios. Whether you have a new idea or established business Call Adam or schedule an appointment today, It’s FREE.

“My Why and my Passion is.. Helping People Create Wealth. From Ideas to Established businesses. When you succeed, I succeed. Think of me as the friend you call to bounce ideas off of because you know they love business just as much as you. I want to be your trusted ADVISER and partner on your journey to create wealth.”

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New concept or product
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Putting plan into action
Seeking Investments
Establish Customer Base
Managing Expectations

Growth Stage

Expanding customer presence
Increase Customers
Stream-line Operations
Market Competition

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